Great Tips On How To Apply For US Passport

07 Jun

If you have plans to apply for a US passport, then there are some crucial aspects that you need to know. Especially if you are making your application for the first time. You see, there are regulations that you should know - you deserve to get your US passport without a hassle. And if you are renewing one, you still have to be aware of some new changes in terms of regulations. The rules that are put in place for minors and teenagers that are aged 16 and 17 are also very stringent.

First, if you need things to move fast, you need to ensure that you apply in person. The United States requires that those who apply for US passports for their first time need to do so in person that is manual - they do not need to send emails. And if you are aged 16 and below, and your original passport got damaged, stolen or lost, you must go in person. What is more, if your passport is over 15 years old, you have to consider applying for a new one personally.

If you have to correct some typing errors on US passport, you may have to send a request through email. Unfortunately, you will not have any documentation that shows you changed your names, legally speaking.

For child US passports, the application is straightforward. In the United States, every person from an infant to adult is required to have a passport when they are traveling. It doesn't matter their age. Minors that are aged 16 and 17 and do not have appropriate identification can get the help, maybe from their legal guardian when it comes to securing a passport. The guardian should be able to present their photo ID to the relevant authorities. Parental consent is crucial here. If there are applications that do not have a section of parental consent, then there has to be a handwritten consent either by the biological parent or the legal guardian. Click here!

Form DS-11

Irrespective of one's age, you should fill the form DS-11 - especially if you are applying for your US passport for the first time. And you must do so in person. You can always print out a DS-11 form from the internet and fill it before you surrender it to the relevant authorities. Remember that you need to include your SSN - social security number as well. You ought to ensure it is signed before you can surrender it to the agent. If you adhere to these rules, you will not be denied the US passport you need.

You also need to prove that you are the US citizen. Provide documents such as birth certificate, citizenship or naturalization certificate. They are required by the body processing your US passport. Be sure to have a valid ID as well. Get info.

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